Throwing their caps early

Robin Fiero, Reporter

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This year’s senior class has three students graduating early. Nikki Walker who graduated last year is now attending University of Minnesota. Joining the early graduates list will be seniors Olivia Butler and Elise Carter.

“I first started thinking about graduating early around sophomore year. I thought about it but didn’t find reason to until junior year,” Butler said. “I want get a head start in finishing cosmetology school and getting to get experience in a salon before I go to college.”

Butler said that she will get her cosmetology license by the end of March or early April. From there, Butler will pursue the idea of majoring in business, nursing, or physical therapy.

The second early graduate, Carter, is involved in orchestra, U-Build and orchesis.

“I want to move on with my education and get ahead in classes,” Carter said.

Carter is enrolled in the University of Northern Colorado and will continue her education there for the next four years, majoring in psychology. Carter said that she has been ready for college for some time.

“Most of my friends are out of high school already. I have felt ready to move on from high school for awhile,” Carter said.

One of the things that was holding Carter back from the decision to leave the U-High family early was not knowing whether or not she wanted to give up on half of her senior year.

Courtney O’Connor, one of our school guidance counselors said she supports both Carter and Butler’s decision to graduate early. O’Connor says that it’s a good option for students who want to work or get a head start on continuing their education.

Students who would like to graduate early should see the form in the counseling center. The student must have all 24 credits, write an essay, get the form signed and approved by the student, parents, and administration in order for to be allowed to graduate early.

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Throwing their caps early