2016-2017 Staff

Sarah LaFayette

Yearbook Editor

Some of Sarah LaFayette's interests include photography and graphic design. "I like to take pictures outside of school," LaFayette said. Before she became an avid photographer, she developed a love for the game of soccer which is ...

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Brian Fry

News Editor

Brian Fry's favorite part of journalism is the news paper. He considers himself a self-starter because he is not one to procrastinate and is very independent in his work. He enjoys being a team player and believes everyone should...

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Becca Wagner

Photo Editor

As an Illinois Wesleyan commit, Becca Wagner is a sport-loving girl who aspires to be like her dad. "He works really hard at his job, but most importantly he loves doing it. I aspire to find a profession like that" Wagner said....

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Megan Wittman


Senior Megan Wittman is interested in using the journalism class to have a voice in the community and to be able to write about her peers. Wittman uses working under pressure to motivate herself to focus on the tasks at hand....

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Quinn Johnson


Senior Quinn Johnson’s interests include playing the piano and golf. One of Johnson’s strengths is that she works well under pressure because it motivates her to finish her assignments. Johnson likes to listen to Indie music...

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Lake Williams


As a focused and busy athlete, Lake Williams doesn’t have much time to attend out of school activities. His motivation to join journalism is because, “it gets me more involved in school activities that I may not go to if I was ...

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Grace Telling


Senior Grace Telling’s favorite part of journalism is learning photography skills. As the to-do list queen and self-proclaimed deadline achiever, she knows how to get the task done in a timely manner. However, Telling knows...

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Leah Taylor


Leah Taylor is a future physical therapist with a deadly gluten allergy. “Go gluten-free or go home,” Taylor said. She loves listening to and producing alternative music, riding horses, and exploring the wooded areas near her home...

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Savannah Remkus


Senior Savannah Remkus, an Illinois State University gymnastics commit, is a self starter who likes the challenge of staying on top of her school work while also doing gymnastics., “Juggling school and sports forces me to be a s...

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Sarah Park


Senior Sarah Park enjoys playing golf, taking pictures at events, and watching Netflix. Park hopes to learn a different type of writing while in journalism. She loves dogs, butterflies and the shade of pale pink. Park’s favorit...

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Dylan Panizo


As a member of the state championship golf team, Dylan Panizo provides a very unique perspective as a reporter for the Clarionette. Panizo is motivated to be the best that he can in every aspect whether that’s writing a sto...

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Billy Mote


Senior Billy Mote has always been motivated by an intense drive to be successful in all aspects of his life. Though academics play an important role in his life, he is most passionate about sports, specifically baseball, which h...

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Gena Mendez


Getting involved with school activities, and loving photography are some of the reasons why senior Gena Mendez enjoys journalism. Outside of journalism Mendez swims, swims, and swims some more. “Sometimes swimming feels like a job, but...

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Janelle McDowell


Janelle McDowell is a first year staff member of the Clarionette and works as a writer and photographer. She looks forward to being involved with the creation of the yearbook and the Clarionette website. McDowell also enjoys ...

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Kait Ludwig


Senior Kait Ludwig is a focused and driven student reporter for the Clarionette. Ludwig is as passionate about photo-journalism and getting to know her fellow students through reporting as she is fascinated by medical science ...

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Jasmyne Lawrence


Senior Jasmyne Lawrence is a motivated student at U-High. A member of the basketball and softball team, she is great at spoken word poetry and giving advice to others but still wants to allow them to form their own opinions. Gi...

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Elijah King


If you are thinking of the most stylish or technology-savvy person at U-High, you are most likely thinking of senior Elijah King. If he’s not at school, you can find King at various design firms in Chicago finding inspiration...

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Hannah Kiefer


Some of senior Hannah Kiefer’s interests include running and listening to her music. She likes 80’s music, alternative, and country. After high school she sees herself becoming a nurse because she loves helping people. In h...

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Drew Johnson


Some of Drew Johnson’s interests include music and animals. “When I have a dream I go for it,” Johnson said. Johnson is very involved in the U-High music department. Johnson plays piano, sings, and is also on the U-High vars...

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Nick Honzel


Junior Nick Honzel is a free thinker, who has added journalism to his list of activities he’s involved with in U-High. Honzel is a member of the cross country team, Outdoor Club, and SAGE Club. He decided to join journalism ...

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Jaxon Heffner


Senior Jaxon Heffner joined Journalism to continue to interact with the student body and have the chance to interview the people of U-High. Heffner is known within the school for his leadership position of holding the spirit stick. H...

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Elijah Gray


Senior Elijah Gray is a very outspoken and driven student. “I like to write and sniff out the truth,” Gray said. Some of the things Gray fills his free time with are writing for film or shooting movies. When Gray is not writi...

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Robin Fiero


Senior Robin Fiero joined Journalism to capture photos and go to more school events. When not at school she is working at Starplex Cinemas. Shopping for clothes, drinking Starbucks, traveling around the world, and planning events...

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Ressa Crubaugh


One of the youngest in the class, junior Ressa Crubaugh is a contributing reporter and aspiring editor for the Clarionette.  Crubaugh loves studying history and is the ideal U-High student. He is a hard worker who does not dre...

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Emanuel Bada


Emanuel Bada is a driven young individual whose skills include graphic design and working well under pressure when something needs to happen fast. Bada has experience working independently, but also as a teammate from football, t...

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Adejoke Adanri


Senior Joke Adanri is interested in just about every part of journalism: writing, photography, and graphic design. As someone who wants to major in communications, journalism is very important to her. Adanri doesn’t like to ...

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