2017-2018 Staff

Lauren Van Plew


Lauren, a reporter and photographer for the Clarionette, signed up for journalism this year because she wanted to explore what it meant to be a journalist, and because she “thought it seemed interesting.” She is passionate ...

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Cassie Trosino


Cassie Trosino is a reporter and photographer for the Clarionette. She joined the staff because of the satisfaction of finding the truth and her enjoyment of photography. Cassie is passionate about her health. She is involved in U-H...

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Christiana Thompson


Christiana Thompson is a reporter and photographer for the student yearbook newspaper during the school year of 2017-2018. Despite wanting to pursue a medical career, her passion is taking photographs. She loves the idea that a pictu...

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Natalie Thomison


Natalie has loved writing ever since she was a little girl and plans to further her journalism career in college. Natalie is an excellent speaker who strives to put out her best work and has made herself known in speech and the...

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Elyse Schoenig


Elyse is a senior enrolled in journalism. However, Elyse's journalistic interests extend outside of the class, as she hopes to major in media or broadcast journalism. One of her favorite aspects of journalism is writing, sayin...

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Anna Huber


Anna, a reporter and photographer on staff, is interested in photography and learning about people. As she recalls, “I like learning about people, their lives, and I want to share their ideas.” At a young age, she began readi...

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Nick Honzel


Nick Honzel is a co-editor for U-High's Clarionette.  Nick took journalism last year, wanting to show the public another side of people that they wouldn’t see otherwise.  He also wants to explore journalism as a career and se...

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Hadley Hagerty


Hadley is a photographer and writer for U-High’s Clarionette. She sees herself as a gifted writer whose describes her strong suit as her ability to convey ideas well. She has an interest in pursuing a form of journalism in college...

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Jade Fung


Jade Fung, a junior at U-High, is aiding the journalism staff with her brilliant use of writing and photography. She has a genuine interest in journalism and the use of different methods to convey ideas. Jade is both a natural p...

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Ressa Crubaugh


Ressa Crubaugh is co-editor of University High School’s Clarionette. Although most of his interests gear towards photography and design, Ressa’s duties at the Clarionotte include planning the agenda, editing stories, and pushin...

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Celeste Berardi


Senior Celeste Berardi is very excited to engage in journalism, particularly in her newfound power to write long, investigative stories. “I want to figure out when things don’t all add up,” she said. Outside of journalism...

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