Grades aren’t the only thing driving NHS Students…

Christiana Thompson, Reporter

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This year, a whopping 46 students partake in National Honor Society (NHS), an organization where school service events are a focal point.

“They become more and more selfless as the year goes on.” National Honor Society advisor Maria Pessman said. “I see them growing big time.”

This year, students in NHS have already raised $350 trick-or-treating for UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund). As the school year progresses, students plan on ringing bells for the Salvation Army, singing Christmas Carols at a local nursing home, and making blankets for the humane society drive.

“It’s really cool to know that instead of getting candy for ourselves, we were able to gather money for the children of the UNICEF foundation.” Senior NHS treasurer Alena Culbertson said. “It just felt like such a great accomplishment.”

Not only are U-High students making the community a better place, but they are spreading the joy and growing closer as a student-body through experiences like these.

“Being in National Honor Society gives me an outlet to put myself aside and to focus on other people, improving their lives,” senior NHS member Abbey Collins said. “Which to me, is very fulfilling.”

Principal Andrea Markert appreciates how willing students are to learn.

“I hope that everyone knows how proud we are of our students, no matter what it’s in,” Markert said.

National Honor Society meets the first Thursday of every month at three o’clock in room 302 to organize their next project for volunteering opportunities benefiting the community.

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