Lamar is born storyteller

Joke Adanri, Reporter

May 4, 2017

Listening to Kendrick Lamar’s new album “DAMN” painfully reminded me about how much  mainstream music needs better rappers. Released just one month after Drake's new album/playlist "More Life,” Kendrick reminds us wh...

Fate of the Furious: Continuing the series

Elijah Gray, Reporter

May 4, 2017

“Fate of the Furious” is just another addition to the ever growing saga of Fast and Furious movies and makes absolutely no attempt to be anything but another Fast and Furious movie, but let me tell you it’s a great one....

Get Out: A Sharp Blend of Horror and Satire

Ressa Crubaugh, Reporter

March 27, 2017

Awkward situations are always difficult, but they are nothing compared to the sheer insanity that unfolds during a single visit to the main character's’ girlfriend in Get Out. Directed by Jordan Peele, Get Out deftly mixes satire and ...

A new version of a tale as old as time

Joke Adanri, Reporter

March 26, 2017

“Beauty and the Beast” is Disney’s most iconic classic. After being the first animated film nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, and the first Disney film to be adapted into a Broadway Musical. Now it is Disney’s f...

No tomorrow

Hannah Kiefer, Reporter

March 20, 2017

“Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there's a tomorrow. Maybe for you there's one thousand tomorrows, or three thousand, or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through you...

The Lego Batman Movie: A crazy ride for kids and adults alike

Ressa Crubaugh, Reporter

March 3, 2017

Legos combined with Batman. What else could people ask for? The Lego Batman Movie, directed by Chris McKay, utilizes good humor, a good plot, and the charm of Legos to make an incredibly entertaining movie. Batman, played by Will Arn...

Satirical News: more important than ever in today’s political culture

Nick Honzel, Reporter

March 1, 2017

Nearly everyone has heard of them. From Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver, to the (underrated) Daily Show newbie Trevor Noah, or the ever-angry Bill Maher, there has never been a better time in American history for satirical ne...

John Wick is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will

Elijah Gray, Reporter

February 17, 2017

John Wick: Chapter 2, the second movie in the hitman’s thriller saga, stays true to the original John Wick, delivering two hours of gratuitous action punctuated by perfectly choreographed violence. Picking up where the first...

Senioritis spreading through U-High seniors

Jaxon Heffner, Reporter, Columnist

February 17, 2017

“If senioritis means a decrease in motivation then I definitely have it, there just came a point this year where I really started to not care,” senior Garrett Murray said describing a contagious malaise that seems to strike...

Resident Evil: The Final Chaper

Nick Honzel, Reporter

February 10, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is exactly the type of movie you’d expect. It’s loud, stupid, aggressively cut, and feels like one long quick-time-event from a video game. In other words, it’s B-movie brilliance. Set in the n...

Movie Review: A victim’s revenge

Grace Telling, Reporter

February 9, 2017

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a history of childhood abuse shape a man, Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), who suffers from twenty-three ‘split’ personalities in M.Night Shyamalan's latest film by the same title. In Kevi...

“We the people”

Patrick Deneen, Reporter, Columnist

March 17, 2016

Sunday’s Trump rally brought some excitement to Bloomington, to say the least. Personally, participating in the protest made me think differently about his campaign. I still consider Donald Trump despicable and harmful for American democracy, as well as threatening to people of color, immigrants, Muslims, women, those with special needs, and countless...