“WYSE” ones back at it

Noah Walker, Reporter

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The WYSE team completed its 20th consecutive year qualifying for the WYSE academic state championship. Not only did the team keep the trend going, they took home the first place trophy marking their third state championship in four years.

“We have high expectations,” senior Perry Lim said. “Continuing to have the success that we have had in the past is one of them.”

Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering is an academic competition that consists of tests across the subjects including biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English and mathematics,

Lim’s specialties include biology and chemistry. Although he favors science fields, Lim recognizes the hard work and commitment that it takes to improve in other areas as well.

“The hardest part of it all is the studying,” Lim said. “We have to study on our own outside of the Friday practices when we can. Putting in the work helps out in the long run though.”

Along with Lim, fellow seniors John Diffor and Kristin Koe were other key contributors. Diffor placed first in computer science and physics. Koe, a returning member of the team placed sixth in math.

“I was very nervous,” Diffor said. “Before I took it I was thinking why do I put myself through all this stress, but when I started taking them, I remembered why I love taking tests so much.”

Koe distinctly remembers the atmosphere and the excitement she and the team felt when they were named state champions. The hard work and extensive test taking the members put in paid off and they could not be more proud of the outcome.

“Winning the title felt great,” Koe said. “We reached the goal we set for ourselves, and once again we met our expectations.”

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“WYSE” ones back at it