Busiest Pioneers

Janelle McDowell, Reporter

“I’m tired, always tired,” is how senior Jess Huber describes her physical response to a busy schedule. The average Pioneer participates in four to five school activities. However, most students are involved in many activities outside of the school as well.

“Every day I wake up at 5:00 am and go to State Farm from 6:30-9:30 am,” Huber said. “Afterwards, I rush over to U-High for my 10:00 class.”

Huber works part-time as a co-operator at State Farm and is also involved in the school tennis and basketball teams. Overall, she wishes she had more time but is grateful to have the opportunity to explore possible careers before college. However, Huber isn’t the only student to have a job.

“I usually work 35-40 hours a week and sometimes up to eight hours a day,” senior Sarah Angles said. “I can definitely change things to make my life more manageable, based on knowing what I can handle and how much I need to study.”

Angles works at Chick-Fil-A as a team member and helps making food. Even while working so much during the week, she still maintains straight As and takes three AP classes. Angles described feeling tired and stressed, feelings many students share.

“Sometimes my schedule is overwhelming, but I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve become pretty efficient with my time management after school,” junior Maya Sorensen said.

Because Sorensen takes two AP classes and swims on a club team she finds very little time to relax and hang out with friends during the week. She often uses this time to get all of her homework done. “I try really hard to work on homework during my free periods,” Sorensen said. This lessens the load for when she has time after swim practice.

Another junior, Kearsten Personette, has a similar schedule. “I spend about two to three hours on homework each night,” Personette said. “I usually only have time to hang out with my friends on the weekend.”

Personette also takes two AP classes, plays soccer at U-High, is an FCA club leader, and referees soccer games on Saturdays. “I definitely get stressed, but it’s easier when I can get sleep,” Personette said.

Without sleep, it’s hard for her, or anyone, to pay attention and focus during class. Sleep is also important when it comes to handling a busy schedule. Through their busyness, Personette and senior Elena Hollingsworth both have somewhat of a grip on their schedules.

“My schedule is definitely average to U-High students. We definitely challenge ourselves, but compared to other schools, I think I’m handling a lot more,” Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth is on the varsity soccer team, in senate, a Country Financial computer science mentor, and a member of various clubs. She continues to handle all of these activities while taking three AP classes and applying to colleges.

“U-High is a good place for students to challenge themselves. I want to encourage other U-High students to be in many activities, especially since the school provides so many things for us to get involved in,” Hollingsworth said.