The pre-biography of Bri Pinter

Photo by Elijah King

Elijah King, Reporter

Move over Olivier Rousteing, Bri Pinter will be the next hot designer to make headlines during Paris fashion week. Her designs are haute, modern, and vogue; they’re going to take the world by storm.

“I guess I’ve always dressed a little differently. I seem to take more fashion risks than most girls,” Pinter said, wearing an olive jumpsuit that she designed and made herself.

Bri received her first sewing machine two years ago, and since then she’s taught herself how to sew elaborate dresses, clothing, and accessories. All of her creations start as drawings in a sketchbook and eventually evolve into patterns during her private lessons that are held once a month. She debuts most of her pieces in the U-High library, but some are saved for the summer where she walks the runway in her fresh garments.

Her dresses in the lounge are a product of an art independent study in which she studied the history of fashion from 1880 to 1980.

“I’m interested in clothing from most other decades, but I love the 20s. Everyone dressed super fun. If you can pull that look off now, I admire that,” Pinter said.

She also pulls inspiration from her favorite designer, Hervé Léger. She discovered Legér’s work when she and her mother went thrift shopping in New York’s Upper East Side and unknowingly tried on one of the iconic Hervé Léger Bandage dresses. She instantly fell in love with the tight yet classy fit, and the uncovered yet slightly concealed neckline. Since that moment, her designs have transitioned to resemble that experience.

“I like the classy-tailored look, but with an edgy spin.” Pinter said.

As of now, Bri has been accepted into Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) but hopes to attend Parsons, an avant-garde fashion, art, and design school right in the heart of New York City. There, she plans to study in New York for two years, then transfer to the Paris campus and work as many internships as possible.

“I don’t want to work under someone who is too big to give me one-on-one attention, but I also don’t want to work under an inexperienced designer. It all depends on who fits my criteria in the next four years,” Pinter said.

She hopes to learn the do’s and don’ts of fashion while in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. She also hopes to learn the art of predicting trends, so she can implement them into her designs and set her fashion house to become a trendsetter like Balmain. All while still hinting at old trends such as corsets to show off her model’s feminine figure.

“I’m still thinking of a name for my brand… right now I call everything Bri Pinter Design, but I’ll want something more creative,” Pinter said.

In addition to college applications and scholarships, she is working on an olive wool jacket, detailed with black wool and holographic fabric. Her work will be exhibited in the lounge all semester, definitely check it out!