Fact or Fiction: Kelly Edition

Joke Adanri, Reporter

With a reputation for being one of the chillest teachers at U-High, there’s no doubt a couple of rumors have surfaced about social science teacher Jim Kelly during his teaching career.

To find the truth, we sat down with Mr. Kelly.

Fact: “He’s been to Europe a bunch,” senior Kevin LeMentec said.

“I have, seven times total,” Kelly said.

Fiction: “I heard he left class to pick up his dry cleaning,” senior Sydney Lighty said.

“Not true,” Kelly said.

Fact: “Mr. Kelly caught a shark one time when he was fishing,” assistant principal Steve Evans said.

“I did. I caught a forty or fifty pound reef shark,” Kelly said.

Fact-ish: “I’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe in technology,” senior Kaela Ruiz said.

This is partly true, Mr. Kelly isn’t against all technology. He specified that when it comes to texting and Uber, he is not for it.

“It depends on what it is,” Kelly said. “When it comes to communications technology I don’t believe in it.”

Fact: “He brushes his teeth in the bathroom,” junior Harrison Fudge said.

“I do,” Kelly said.

Fact: “He fell off a boat in his driveway at the beginning of the school year,” sophomore Ellie Landes said,

He fell of a boat onto his driveway over Columbus day weekend, and was off work for four days.

“Let me tell you pavement is harder than water,” Kelly said.

Fiction: “Mr. Kelly shook hands with Richard Nixon,” Evans said.

“I did not,” Kelly said.  He then joked, “I did, but had to wash my hands afterwards.”

Fact: “He frequently writes letters to the editor on the Pantagraph,” English teacher Amy Reiman said.

“I started writing letters to the editor in college,” Kelly said.

For the last five years he’s written satirical letters, usually posing as a conservative.

“I haven’t for a while thoug,” Kelly said. “I haven’t been feeling the inspiration.”

Maybe a Fact: “Mr. Kelly is retiring this year,” Evans said.

Although this is a rumor that goes around almost every year, it cannot be confirmed or denied.

“Nobody knows, not even me,” Kelly said.