Hannah Kiefer, Reporter

In the movie “Unforgettable” the main character, Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson), was in an abusive relationship with Michael Vargas (Simon Kassianides). She obtained a restraining order against Michael hoping that he would never find her again Julia has no social media and moved.

Julia set out to live with her soon-to-be-husband, David Connover (Geoff Stults) and daughter Lily (Isabella Rice). Ex-wife Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl) lives in the neighborhood. Julia and David have custody of  Lily during the week, but Tessa gets her on the weekends.

In the beginning, Tessa thought of Julia and David’s relationship as nothing more than a mere fling. However, once she discovers their engagement, she becomes more aggressive, jealous, and manipulative throughout the movie. Tessa stages false scenarios, making Julia appear to have to attack Tessa and abandon Lily at a fair. Tessa even created an entire Facebook page posing as Julia so that it would appear to any outsider that Julia was trying to rekindle things with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Michael.

“Unforgettable” is a thriller that is rated-R. It is a must see and leaves you wanting to know more. It displays the longing of a mother who simply wants the never ending love and praise of her daughter, demonstrated by Tessa’s desire to be back with her ex-husband again and be a family. Another thing that is shown throughout the movie is the effect that a parenting style can have on a child. We witness Tessa’s controlling nature when she has overly-critical of Lily’s hair. This relation of her mother in turn tries to control Tessa, Tessa, being criticized of her silverware.

“Unforgettable” is a suspenseful movie that grabs the viewer’s attention from start to finish and leaves an “unforgettable” impression upon its audience.