Golfing Pioneers had “Drive” this Season

Hadley Hagerty, Reporter

This year the golf programs’ season ended on a high note. The boys finished their season third in state and the girls finished tenth, this was accomplished despite the Conference and class changes.

“The conference change did not have a big impact on the program, not like other sports” athletic director Wendy Smith said.

The change from the Corn Belt Conference to the Central State Eights Conference sent shock waves through the Uhigh community, but not so much the golf program. A huge change for the girls program was a class change from 1A to 2A.

“It definitely changed our goals” junior Maddison Murphy said. “Before our goal was to win state, and now it was to make it to state”

They had to work hard to achieve their goals, so they took their practices very seriously.

“We made sure we used our time wisely at practice and stayed focus.” Murphy said.

All of their hard work paid off when they secured the 10th in state spot.

“It was a great feeling having all of our hard work pay off.”  Murphy said.

The girls’ success really brings the U-High way of doing things to light.

“Whatever we need to do we just seem to do it, our students attitude is just bring on the challenge” athletic director Wendy Smith said.

While the boys team didn’t have as tough of a plate to step up to, they had the pressure of measuring up to last years successes.

“My goals for the team at the beginning of the season were to win state and have fun” senior Dallas Koth said.

Koth, who has secured second in state for the past two years, had his high hopes for the team just barely undershot, as they secured third in state.

“It was a great feeling to get ahold of a trophy at the end of the season.” Koth said.