Students participate in nationwide walkout

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Students participate in nationwide walkout

Celeste Berardi, Reporter & Photographer

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Friday, April 20th, University High School participated in the nationwide walk out to protest for school safety and gun reform. This date marked the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting that left 13 dead. According to the Washington Post, over 200,000 students have experienced gun violence in their schools since the 1999 shooting.

“I walked out to honor the kids that were killed and to support the cause. I think that it is really important to bring awareness to the issues that are going on in our country right now,” senior Gabby Pledger said.

“I walked out today because there is a greater need for our school to feel safe,” senior Layla Jones said.

“I walked out today because I shouldn’t have to learn in fear,” sophomore Lillian Wilkin said.

“I walked out today to try to make a difference in our school and in our community to show that our school does not stand with the senseless violence that has been taking place across our country,” junior Allie Beam said.

“I walked out because I believe that people deserve to feel safe in school, and that they should not have to worry about not leaving with their lives,” senior Eva Clay said. “No one should have to experience the kinds of trauma that so many people have already experienced around the country.”

“The reason I walked out today is because I’d like to promote safer schools. It’s really important for everybody to have a voice in what they believe in,” junior Boston Cooper said.

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