Administration makes school safer

Celeste Noraian, Reporter

On Thursday, September 27, each class gathered in Stroud auditorium to learn about the Safe 2 Speak Up app and what it entails. The school administration encouraged the use of this app school wide.

Safe 2 Speak Up offers an anonymous way to quickly report any type of bullying, dangerous behavior, or any questions or concerns. The school is able to respond and send out mass texts to all the students in an easy way.

This app is the most recent safety feature the school has added. It follows on the heels of last year’s Run, Hide, Fight and Reunification training conducted in cooperation with ISU and community organizations.

“Everyone has been using it for all the right reasons,” Principal Andrea Markert said.  

Students have used the app to inform the administration on numerous building issues, including the recent discovery of a dead snake in the pit.

Markert said she hopes the app will improve the way administration can respond to people.

Teachers have begun using a different safety app called Crisis Go. It is an app that facilitates taking attendance and other communication during emergencies. Assistant Principal Evans has even made use of the app to increase efficiency during fire drills and alarms, including today’s evacuation due to a water break that set off a sensor.  

Markert said that there are currently no policy or safety changes on the horizon, but the administration remains open to new ideas to improve the school.

“We want to fix problems,” Markert said.