Young introvert takes center stage

Lily Matthews, Reporter

Despite the stress brought on by beginning her freshman year of high school, Zoe Miller-Zeller was cast in one of two one-act plays, Tracks.

Miller-Zeller was thrilled to be cast as the High School Girl, especially as a freshman.

“My intent going into auditions was to do it for the experience of auditioning and the hope that I would make it into any of the three [plays], and be happy with any role I was given if cast,” Miller-Zeller said.

Miller-Zeller is also a Speech Team member and said it is a struggle balancing homework, memorizing lines, and practicing her speeches.

Emily Houston, a junior and fellow theater member, has experienced this same challenge of balancing school work and rehearsals.

“I think that she is being so mature and handling [theater] very well. Being in theater is a lot of responsibility and she’s doing a great job!” Houston said.

Miller-Zeller said that acting can be quite nerve-wracking, especially since she’s a self-proclaimed introvert who likes to stay in her comfort zone. However, she is able to overcome this fear while on stage performing. “The second I go on stage and get engaged in what I am doing the nerves disappear,” she said.

Cast mate junior Peyton Tongate said Miller-Zeller is a pleasure to work with on and off the stage.

“It’s been cool just to see her grow throughout the process,” Tongate said. “She’s been super sweet and respectful, especially as a freshman. And she’s very willing to learn.”

As an upperclassman, Tongate finds it easy to mentor Miller-Zeller and said she takes criticism very well. She hopes that Zoe finds her home in theater and develops great relationships in the process.

Miller-Zeller said she is thrilled to be part of this “wonderful community full of amazing people and awesome opportunities.”