Make it Green, Make it Clean

Toni Poland, Reporter

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Emerging from the shadows this year, Earth Club has already started to make an impact on the school and environment. This reformed Earth Club is vowing to become more involved and make U-High more environmentally conscious.

This goal started off strong with rapid growth, as new members join every week.

President and sophomore Kaitlyn Hall, believes that there is always room to help improve the environment.

“I think that people are really getting involved,” Hall stated. “They are becoming more conscious of recycling and making more Earth-conscious decisions which is important right now.”

And students have noticed the changes around the school.

“I think it makes us more environmentally friendly,” senior Susanna Angles said. “It provides more opportunities to recycle and make better environmental decisions.”

Earth Club’s goals not only include wanting to improve the environment, but also how people look at and interact with the environment. One way they hope to increase interaction with the environment is through creating a bench made out of recycled caps to be set on school property.

“It will be placed in an area that is impacted by nature so people can interact with the environment,” Hall said. “We hope it will have an impact on people’s mindset and that the school has a sense of pride in it.”  

These goals of Earth Club are not solely limited to the school; the club wants to better the community environment as well.

Club member, sophomore Kendall Bray, said the club hopes to expand its reach into Bloomington-Normal. “There are so many places to improve and make more Earth friendly,” Bray said.

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Make it Green, Make it Clean