Fact or Fiction: The unBEElievable life of Dr. Thompson


Photo courtesy of Kevin Thompson

Calculus teacher by day, Beekeeper by night.

Lauren Brown, Reporter

By day, Dr. Kevin Thompson is the calculus teacher, regularly blowing the minds of students in the classroom. However, very little is known about what this legend does in his free time. So, we decided to find out more about this man of mystery.

“He’s a beekeeper,” senior Jade Fung said.

Beekeeping is something that has always interested Thompson. “There are a lot of benefits of honeybees, “ Thompson said. He began this hobby  four years ago when he moved out to the country. This gave him the space to raise his bees and make honey.

“He only grades in purple pen,” senior Maddison Murphy said.

Thompson is known for grading in purple pen. However, there is a story behind this. A little while ago, the math teachers ordered two boxes of purple pens, but that is not what they received. They received two cases of purple pens, a tremendous number. He began using the purple pens to use them up. “I guess I just continue to use them,” Thompson said.

“He made his own antenna using fractals,” senior Joshua Nepomuceno said.

One summer, Thompson was watching a PBS special on antennas. The speaker was talking about how our cell phones have a pattern. “I went onto Sketchpad and created it. Then I got a copper wire and bent it to match the sketch,”  Thompson said. He uses this antenna for one of the televisions in his house.

“He works at the Eastview bookstore, “ senior Olivia Shouse said.

Thompson does in fact work in the Eastview bookstore. “Reading is a hobby of mine,” Thompson said. He volunteers at the bookstore once a month helping people pick out a book or Bible they are looking for.  

“He likes woodworking,” senior Kennadi Outlaw said.

Thompson enjoys woodworking as a hobby and makes things such as furniture, cutting boards, and more. “ I made some of the furniture in our house,” Thompson said. He has also gone to some craft fairs and sold some items such as flower planters and benches.

“He loves video games,” senior Kellie Stempinski said.

Although this is true, Thompson finds that he doesn’t have as much time to play any more and is somewhat out of touch in the video game world. “There’s a limit to the number of things you like that you can do,” Thompson said.

“I heard he has a time machine,” senior Maanav Patel said.

Although Thompson will argue with his Calculus students that negative time does make sense, he denies owning a time machine. “But if I did, I wouldn’t tell you,” Thompson said.