Fact or Fiction: Who is “Von B”?


Natalie Leathers, Reporter

He was first known as the intern with the haircut, then he was then known as the new teacher…with the haircut. Then he became head football coach. So who is social studies teacher Trevor Von Bruenchenhein now?

“He’s really good at chess,” junior Tyler Livingston said.

It’s true Von Bruenchenhein, known to most as “Von B,”  is an assistant to the chess team, however he claims no strategic superpowers.  “If you picked a random person off the street I could probably beat them,” Von Bruenchenhein said. “But every person on the chess team can beat me, so I’m really not good.” He says he didn’t even learn to play chess until he started helping the chess team.

“He did an ironman,” freshman Julia Rolleysaid. 

Although it’s true he is training to do one, he hasn’t yet. “They’re really expensive to do so I have to save up the money first. I’m currently training 15-20 hours a week, biking and running mostly. I keep my stationary bike here in the cardio room and at night I like to come and watch movies while I train on it.” He hopes that this September he will be able to do an Ironman.

Another way Von B gets in shape is by playing in the weekend basketball league here at U-High, as junior Tasha Schuckman speculated. “Oh, I absolutely love it,” he exclaims of the basketball games, “Most of the people in it aren’t teachers though, Mr.Evans, Mr. Wollenweber, and I are the only teachers in it, there’s a lot of alumni.”

Three years ago a class night video revealed that Von B and business teacher Andrew McDowell lived together, but Von B moved out shortly after that. However, “I heard he moved back in with McDowell,” senior Abby Klein said. “That’s true, I’m happy to be back. Mr. McDowell is a great roommate, and we never fight. I’m the better cook though, hands down.”

“All he does is read,” junior Nick King said.

“I am pretty well read, I try to read at least 2-3 hours a day,” He says. Contrary to popular belief, however, it’s not books that he’s found reading most often. “Blogs are the best, my favorite is Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen. He’s an economist at George Mason University and he’s well-rounded in life so he’s able to write on lots of different subjects.”