#instafame: social media accounts earn small profit for students

Lupita Echeverria, Reporter

Social media presents many opportunities to showcase talents, and four particular students are using Instagram as an avenue to share personal achievements. Their accounts help them branch out and connect with others who have similar passions.

One of these students is junior Brianna Hendren (@brihendrenfit), who has an entire account dedicated to her fitness journey.

She posts videos of her workouts, what she eats, and tips on staying motivated.

She currently has 698 followers, and 24 posts.

“I really want to inspire people to love fitness and healthy eating,” Hendren said. “I want young women our age to know that they don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful and they don’t have to risk their health to reach their goals. I want to spread positivity to everyone in the fitness community and finally, I want to motivate not only all of my followers, but myself as well.”

Hendren  works out four to five times per week, after completing volleyball or track practice.

Senior Piper Schuring (@makeupbypipeitup) has an account dedicated to applying makeup. She posts pictures of the full look, and captions it with what products she used and how she completed the look. She currently has 168 followers, and 31 posts.

“Makeup became more of a creative outlet for me,” Schuring said. “My friends all hype me up, and I just post my makeup looks late at night. I work really hard on each one, and I hope to help out and encourage all my followers to practice and try new looks.”

Another Instagram-er is senior Chloe Benyamin (@cwithchloe), whose page covers all her travel destinations, and what she enjoyed about each. Every post covers a visit to a different city, and what she enjoyed while there.

Benyamin posts about food spots, site seeing, and shopping destinations. She currently has 328 followers, and 26 posts.

“I want people to be open to different cultures and to step outside their comfort zone more frequently,” Benyamin said. “It’s so important to do things that make you feel small in life to stay humble. Many people often forget to do this and get stuck in their same routine. Change is good to have and can bring many new experiences.”

Benyamin has learned much from her traveling, and she hopes to inspire others to learn as well. A final student who has dedicated a page to her hobby is Jen Kuhn (@softballdriven). Kuhn has a page dedicated to softball videos and pictures. She posts videos of other softball player’s highlights to entertain and teach her followers more about the game. Kuhn currently has 42,900 followers and 893 posts.

“It was something fun for me to do and have when I originally made it, but now I’m actually making a little bit of profit and working with other accounts and businesses,” Kuhn said. “I still enjoy making some of the content and interacting with people but I wouldn’t say that I have a specific goal in mind.” Kuhn actively interacts with her followers.

These students create content for their followers, and show off their talents using such a unique social media platform. Today’s media has changed the way students can express themselves and share their passions, and these individuals have seized the opportunity.