Earth Week: Quarantine Edition

Jake Harrison, Reporter

Numerous communities around the globe celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities and learning opportunities dedicated to appreciating the Earth and combating the environmental issues that the world faces. While the Earth itself has no doubt been affected by the global coronavirus pandemic, U-High’s own Earth Club has found a way to celebrate our planet while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Biology teacher Maggy Proctor is the sponsor for U-High’s Earth Club. “Recently, we have been sharing what we are doing at home to help the environment or how we are making our homes more sustainable,” she said. Proctor is very energetic and passionate about the environment, and had three field trips planned for Earth Club this semester. However, due to state-wide school closures, plans have changed. 

Working to create alternatives to their cancelled events, Earth Club president Kaitlyn Hall was instrumental in making Virtual Earth Week a reality.  “Every day has a different theme,” Hall said. “We’re asking people to do simple tasks, such as taking a walk outside or learning a little about our Earth.” Virtual Earth Week 2020 features five daily challenges for the week, from eating vegetarian or vegan meals, to creating eco-friendly art projects, to simply just being outside.

As an example, Tuesday’s challenge allows you to unleash your creative side. Active Earth Club member Erica Rosenberger took it upon herself to use rocks as her canvas. “I painted a little scene of the beach to appreciate how beautiful our world is, and did it with some old paints a friend was planning on throwing away,” Rosenberger said. 

Freshman Pierce McDade also played a big role in coordinating Earth Club’s plans for Virtual Earth Week. “I was chosen to help coordinate the Earth Week activities along with a few of my peers,” McDade said. “We are encouraging people to spread awareness about some of the things that we can do even in quarantine to make sure that we are using sustainable practices.”

Having been teaching while cooped up at home, Proctor is looking forward to going on a nature walk with her family as part of Friday’s challenge. “Being in nature is something everyone can do,” Proctor said, “and it is a reminder of how beautiful and resilient this world is even in the worst of times.”

For more information on how you can participate in Virtual Earth Week, visit Earth Club’s Instagram page (@uhighearthclub). Be sure to share what you’re doing to your Instagram story, using the hashtag “#uhsearthweek2020”