Teachers, students practice flexibility in the classroom

Camdyn Barclay, Reporter

Life, school, and extracurricular activities are now harder and more stressful than they have ever been. In person learning, which occurred two days per week with the rest online, went on for less than a quarter and introduced some new technology struggles for both teachers and students.

Science teacher Kayla.Schahrer said she has struggled, but feels she has learned to do some things well in online learning.

 “The biggest struggle technology wise for me is knowing where everything is at and knowing what  tools are going to be best for the students to make it the best as possible,” Schahrer said.

However, it is not only teachers who struggle with technology issues, students do too. Both groups are striving and struggling through these times. 

“Most students have adapted very well,” Scharer said. “I feel like the students came a little bit more prepared as to what the fall would look like, but for some students it is not their style of learning”. 

Scharer said teachers are concerned that some students can learn like this and benefit from it but others cannot do the same. 

“There’s still so much we don’t know about online learning and still things going wrong,” Schaher said. “I wish that we could meet in smaller groups because it is really hard to connect to 25 kids and would be easier to connect with just five kids at a time.”  

 For teachers, to be able to educate their students in the best way possible there have been many technology changes in and out of the classroom. Some classes, like Cory Culbertson’s engineering class, use green screens and many different camera angles on class demonstrations. 

“Things that are so easy in person like looking at your paper and screen are now way too hard, so I can’t tell my students what or how they should be doing. It is so much harder on the screen and everything is slower,” Culbertson said.

Teachers continue to try to adapt technology to different learning styles and students are persisting, even without the teacher and friends in the same room.  

“I really have a lot of respect for our students diving in and trying to make it work and being flexible,” Culbertson said “It is a hard year for all of us and props to them for trying everyday” 

Students like senior Daniele Mosele have figured out strategies for when they encounter issues when it comes to online learning.

  “When I have issues that I can’t control, I text my parents and ask them to email the school and the teachers to let them know that I am having technology problems but that I am working on trying to fix it,” Mosele said. “University High School may have some problems with online learning but we are very good at adjusting to them and making the best out of it everyday.”