Volunteering around the community

Lauren Walsh , Reporter

Several students have discovered that community service is still “open for business” despite the many restrictions brought about by COVID-19.  

Sophomore Heath Glazebrook volunteered at the Salvation Army earlier this month. He was responsible for bringing food in and serving it to those who are homeless. Glazebrook volunteered with his family and many other people from the community. 

“I really enjoyed volunteering here because it doesn’t take much to have a big impact on people and their everyday lives,” Glazebrook said. This was his second time volunteering at the Salvation Army, and he said he would recommend others to volunteer there as well because it isn’t difficult and it brightens people’s day. 

Another student, senior Lindsey Shouse, also stays active in the community. She volunteers every month at Eastview Christian Church and teaches Sunday school to pre-k children. She helps them do crafts, color, and reads them stories. 

“I love teaching Sunday school because the kids are so little and cute and I get to help teach them different things,” Shouse said. She said it is hard for some children to keep their masks on because they are so young, but everything is very socially distanced, and the kids are learning and doing better each time.

Shouse also volunteers occasionally at the Salvation Army where she brings in food and serves it to the homeless. 

“While both places I volunteer at are very different,” Shouse said, “I enjoy both because I like doing things to help others.”

Jade Mullins is another senior who has volunteered extensively this year. She decorated Christmas cards a few months back for senior residents at Woodhill Towers. 

Mullins also tutors two elementary students at Metcalf. She meets with them two times a week via zoom or in person, depending on their current situation because of COVID-19.

“One of the students I tutor was in a math help program at her school, and with my help she is finally back in the classroom with her classmates and friends,” Mullins said.