Twin Tuesday: Meet the Lawal Twins


Adam Reiman, Reporter


Tami and Timi Lawal are fraternal twins who have been going to U-High for two years having transferred sophomore year. Timi runs cross country and Tami is in Girls in STEM. Both sing in acapella groups.


Q: What’s the best part about being a twin?

Tami: Being able to like, to catch up on my homework because we’re both in the same classes, so we can help each other.

Timi: It’s like having a friend in your class. We have the same maturity level, so things are, easier. 

Q: What is the most interesting fact you can name about your twin off the top of your head?

Timi: Her ankle pops.

Tami: I would say that he is very, very funny, unintentionally,

Timi: I’m very easy to laugh at,

Q: What do you mean when you say Timi is funny unintentionally?

Timi: I’m a clumsy person

Tami: Well, he just randomly starts singing songs and makes really weird, nasally sounds or he just randomly falls out of nowhere. I think it’s funny.

Q: What are some similarities between the two of you?

Tami: We are very musical people

Timi: That is true.

Tami:  I guess we’re both funny.

Tami: We’re both picky eaters.

Timi: We are both picky eaters.

Q: What won’t you eat?

Tami: I will not eat cheese unless it’s cooked in something. I also won’t eat cooked fruit, because that’s kinda nasty, I will not eat pickles,

Timi: I won’t eat pickles either.

Tami: And over-decorated pizza. Like if there’s just too much, I just won’t eat it

Timi: I hate all kinds of frosting except on donuts.

Timi: I hate all types of frosting except vanilla frosting on donuts. I also don’t eat anything that’s green,

Tami: He doesn’t eat apples,

Timi: I hate apples. I also hate pineapples

Tami: The only thing he ever eats is bananas

Timi: And oranges. But I can’t because of my braces,

Q: What are some differences between the two of you?

Tami: I’m a very detailed person. I pay attention to specific detail. For example, yesterday I was doing the dishes and I got annoyed because Timi left the ice cream scoop facing up and not down because obviously if you wash something that’s bowl-like, and you want it to drain you, turn it down. And he doesn’t pay attention to little things like that.

Timi: I’m not a detailed person, but I do like efficiency to the point that I am usually ready for any scenario in the morning. If I wake up late, I’m ready to go. If I wake up early, I’m still ready to go. If I forget something, I’m also still ready to go.

Q: What’s the most annoying question you get asked about being a twin?

Tami: Were you guys born at the same time? I think that’s a really dumb question. You can’t just come out at the same time.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your twin?

Timi: She understands space.

Tami: I would say maybe he’s kind of reliable compared to my sisters. And he knows how to save the day. Like if I’m in trouble,

Timi: Like I said, ready for anything.

Q: Save the day? What does that mean?

Tami: Maybe if I ate in my room and I left a plate there and I was about to get in trouble…

Timi: I would know where to hide it.

Tami: … He would have already hidden it.

Q: What is your favorite twin memory?

Tami: When we were in Nigeria and we were younger, we would go in the kitchen really late at night and get packets of noodles, kind of like ramen noodles, but we would get them and we would just like, 

Timi and Tami: eat them raw.

Timi: We would stay up late, till like 12-1 in the morning as 4-year-olds

Tami: It was normally like Fridays to Saturday, cause you know, we didn’t have school.

Timi: Getting down from our bunks, going into the kitchen, silently, and just getting the noodles and going back upstairs just to eat them