From studies to service

Andrew Stauter, Reporter

Not everyone is off to college once they graduate; some have chosen to join the Navy, Marines, and some chose to pursue programs such as ROTC. There are a total of five students joining the military in the class of 2022, among these is senior Ian Kelly.

“ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps)  is one of the few ways to become an officer, and I’ve always planned to go to college,” Kelly said. “So doing college while preparing to become an officer seemed like the best route for me.”

ROTC is a college program offered at more than 1,700 colleges and universities across the United States that prepares young adults to become officers in the U.S. Military. ROTC obligates participants to serve four years of active duty upon completing their college degree and two components of training: Basic Course and Advanced Course.

“What inspired me to join the military was reading about the different modern aircraft the USAF (United States Air Force) uses,” Kelly said. 

While Kelly will complete his college education first and service second, some students, including senior Kyle McCuan plan to jump right in.

“My parents knew I was going to join [the military] as soon as I could, so it wasn’t a surprise for them,” McCuan, who enlisted in the Navy, said. “I have always thought about joining the Navy for as long as I can remember.” 

McCuan is enlisting as an HM (Corpsman), a nurse in the Navy.  He plans to be in the military for four years, but if he enjoys it he may pursue 20 years before retiring.

McCuan is one of two people at U-High choosing to join the Navy. The other student is becoming a Navy SEAL (sea, air, and land team).

“I am more focused in combat and the Navy seals are a very prestigious group of people,” senior Jace Bovee said. “I had a lot of ties to the Navy and the Navy SEALs are one of the hardest training regimens that people in the military have to go through.”

The minimal physical requirements are daunting.

 “Recruiters tell you (that) you have you be ready for basics, must do 50 pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups,” Bovee said, “and that’s not even the beginning of everything we have to do.”

Bovee has been thinking about joining the military since he was a sophomore and plans to stay in the military for 20 years.

Lizzy Holstein is also seeking military experience by joining the Marines where she will conduct administrative work.

“I joined the Marines to have a different experience that many others don’t get,” Holstein said. Holstein started thinking about joining the Marines in October of 2021. 

“Seeing strong women, it’ll prepare me to be a woman alone in the world traveling,” Holstein said. Holstein hopes she can be a role model for the younger generation by choosing to join the military. 

McCuan will be shipped out on August 3rd, 2022. Holstein will be shipped out on August 22nd, 2022. Bovee will be shipped out on August 15, 2022.