Popular hangouts on, off campus


Lynnae Wollenweber, Reporter

Throughout the school day, students and faculty are able to come and go as they please.  Having an open campus is a massive benefit of being a Pioneer. 

“I take advantage of open campus a lot,”  junior Evy York said.  “It gives me a nice break throughout the day.”

Beyond the doors of campus, there are many different locations where students and staff can go. Whether grabbing their daily Starbucks or lunch with some friends, there are some familiar places that almost all students and staff agree are the best places. These include Chick-Fil-A, Avantis, Noodles, and the popular freshman lunch spot, Circle K. 

“I drive off campus every day during my free.  Usually to get food,” junior Gabe Floyd said.  “I live twenty minutes away so I don’t go home.  If I got done early then I probably would.”

Being able to run home during the day is another perk for those who live closer.

 “I love having open campus because I can leave and go home if I forget something.  Home is the farthest I drive because it’s on the other side of town,” senior Claire Bowling said

Because U-High is on the ISU campus school ID cards work at the Bone Student Center. Many students find that beneficial.

“I also like how the campus is on ISU so I can go to the Bone,”  junior Abigail Wettstein said.

There are some popular hangout spots inside the building, too, such as the lounge where groups of people like to meet, get food, and hang out with friends.  A lot of times you’ll see seniors gathered around the senior couches.

“The atmosphere is fun and very energetic,” freshman Natalie Bierbaum said. 

 Another hotspot is the band room where throughout the day you’ll hear multiple people playing piano.  The library is also very popular amongst people who are studying or hanging out with friends.  

“I go to the library every day,” Bierbaum said. “It’s a good spot to hang out with friends and get homework done.”  

Not only do students take advantage of an open campus but so do faculty and staff.  

“Mrs. Market and I leave every day,” Budget Manager Stacey Welter said. “Usually to Chipotle for lunch and I always have my Ice tea.”  

“I love that students get the freedom to leave,” Wollenweber said. “It teaches them independence and gives them a break if they need it.”