Talent abounds at Mr. U-High

Camryn Gillibrand, Reporter, Photographer

Mr. U-High, one of the most well-known events held by students for students, only rivaled by Class Night was held November 17. This was only the second time back in Stroud after the pandemic, but this year brought a new kind of challenge: an impromptu change in dates.

“It was supposed to be in March,” Kristen Hany, social sciences teacher and leader of Student Council, said, “But then the [U-Build student’s] that were leaving for the trip were actually leaving before the event happened, and needed the funds associated with it.”

Left with only three weeks to plan and organize, the students were the ones who made the event possible.

“The tech side was really the most integral part. Max Miller and Hannah Garmon donated their time and skills… making it what it was.” Hany said.

It wasn’t just the tech side that required the concerted effort, it also took dedication from the performers and emcees. Emcees this year were Allie Zastrow, Emma Bottomley, Verit Reiman, and Josef Tess.

“All four of our emcees wrote their own scripts. The jokes, the timing, the effort that they took was just so well done,” Hany said. “All of the student leaders, from the participants, to the emcees, to the tech, and the backstage- I am just so thoroughly impressed with people who are willing to volunteer their time for this. ”

The contestants also put the work in.

“Me and Cody [Cusac] probably spent at least four to three hours practicing choreography. We goofed around a lot too, so it was probably closer to two,” Johnny Chambers, winner of the Mr. U-High title, said.

Despite everything, they made the event special, collecting over 1,500 dollars towards the U-Build.

“I just expected, like, going to a comedy show,” Nick Pulley said. “It was definitely funny. Very good.”