Expanding the family one pet at a time


Mara Walker, Reporter

Ten–that is the Buckley household population, which includes two parents, two siblings, and six animals. Taking care of animals has always been one of senior Emmy Buckley’s favorite things to do in her free time. Finding her love in animals over the past couple years has impacted Buckley in more than one way. She always has at least one pet around the house. 

“My family got our dog Harry when I was 4. I was the one who took care of him the most,” Buckley said. “He was pretty much my own.” 

After Harry’s unfortunate passing (due to old age), Buckley followed her desire to surround herself with more loving pets. She is now responsible for five of the six pets that reside in her home.

 “The first two I got were my guinea pigs, Coco and Greg. I got them on January 9, 2022.” Buckley said, “There’s no specific reason why I got the genuine pigs. I just really wanted them.” 

The third pet that Buckley has taken in is U-High’s beloved Spike, the bearded dragon that used to live in room 301 with science teacher Emily Telford.

“Mrs. Telford had just had her baby, so I asked if I could take care of him over the summer,” Buckley said. 

Buckley formed a strong bond with Spike that led to her being able to keep him. 

“I really didn’t want to give him back; he even sleeps in my room most nights,” Buckley said. 

The newest additions are her puppies, Teddy and Reggie (Havamalt). Buckley has gone through the ups and down of being a pet owner which can include the endless love and comfort she gets from her animals but also the struggles of their different lifestyles. 

“I love the bond I have with them. Knowing that they love you and whenever they see you they get excited,” Buckley said. “The guinea pigs cause the biggest mess. They poop and hay gets to be a hassle to keep up with.” 

Buckley said she would not change her experiences for the world. She continues to learn new things about her animals everyday and continues to give them the best life she can. 

Along with being a “pet mom” her love for animals has caused her to become vegetarian, which she began in the 2020 lockdown.

“It was tough at first finding foods to supplement my normal diet, but I quickly adapted.” 

The decision Buckley made over two years ago she now says is  “one of my best choices,” Buckley said.