Season Preview: Building a team around dinner and diamond fun


Reagan Kennedy, Reporter

On March 20, the U-High softball team played their first game at Bloomington High School without their leading pitcher and senior Maddie Adams. Adams tore her left meniscus in her knee while playing for her travel softball team. 

Junior Maggie Stadler had to step in and pitch for the Pioneers.

“[Adams] is a huge player for our team. It was a loss in our batting positions because she was one of our best hitters,” Stadler said. “She is also not pitching in games so I had to step up and pitch.” 

Stadler pitched a handful of games last year, but Adams was the main pitcher.

‘I’m pretty calm and collected because I know my defense has my back,” Stadler said,I know they are not going to make mistakes, and they know what they are doing so I trust them.”

The team loves team bonding. This year they started to play hacky sack. In previous years they have watched movies and ate pizza at the coach’s house. They also experience bonding during games in the dugouts and afterwards they often eat as a team at Chipotle and Texas Roadhouse.

“It’s usually last minute for eating dinner after games, but it’s super fun. This year we are also trying to do hacky sack.” Adams said, “I love playing hacky sack. It’s so fun,” 

The most exciting game the softball team is looking forward to this year will be playing against the intercity teams. 

“We love playing against the intercity teams. We know people on the other team, so it’s fun to play against them,” senior Alyssa Tudor said. Tudor plays midfield  on this year’s varsity team.

Adams hopes to be released in a couple of weeks to help support the team on the field, not just from the sidelines. 

Softball will play their next game Saturday, April 1, at Fairview Fields, at 11:00 am.