Twin Tuesday: Meet the York twins

Evy and Emy York.

Evy and Emy York.

Lilly Miller, Reporter

Emy and Evy York are fraternal twins in their junior year. Evy participates in cross country, basketball, and FCA. Emy is involved in orchestra, jazz band, and Model UN. 


Q: Do you two have different interests or do you purposefully avoid doing the same activities?

Evy: I think we just have different interests. 

Emy: Yeah, that’s where the clubs and stuff derive from. 

Evy: When we were younger, we did a lot of the same stuff. I stayed with more of the sports and went away from the musical things.

Emy: It was middle school when we started doing the sports. I did both and then when we got to high school, I quit all sports. 

Evy: You just started focusing on what was more important to you. I don’t think it had anything to do with being separated; we just have different things that we’re better at.


Q: What are each of your dream jobs?

Evy: Either a publicist for a celebrity or working as a reporter for New York Times.

Emy: Mine would be music directing for a Broadway show.


Q: What’s the best part about being a twin?

Emy: Clothes.

Evy: Oh my God. I always buy clothes and then she always takes them.

Evy rolls her eyes.

Evy: I guess always having someone to hang out with. 

Emy: Most of the time we take the same classes so someone to help you with homework too. 

Evy: Someone to rant to about anything. During our rides to school or before chem lab, we’ll just talk about random stuff. It’s just kind of fun when you’re bored.


Q: Do you guys ever match?

Evy: Absolutely not, no. We just have very different styles. We never really match, but she likes to steal my clothes. 

Emy: Example A. 

Emy looks down at her outfit.

Evy: Yeah, she’s literally wearing my entire closet right now. 

Emy: We never really matched, but we had specific colors. For family pictures we would always be in the same outfit, but different colors. 

Evy: You were always pink and I was always blue or purple. That was the only thing I never wanted to be like you for. I never wanted to wear pink because she always wore it.


Q: Have you ever been mixed up before?

Evy: No. Well, we’ve had our names mixed up because they’re so similar. 

Emy: Yeah, the teachers always mix up our names. 

Evy: But by looks? No. We look nothing alike. People don’t even know we’re related sometimes. 


Q: What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Evy: Definitely drive around and listen to music.

Emy: Watching TV or a movie.

Evy: Yeah, especially when it’s just by ourselves so we can talk during it. When we watch something with our parents, they always tell us to be quiet. 


Q: What’s your favorite thing about your twin?

Evy: She’s really funny.

Emy: Oh my God, this is on recording. You can’t take this back now. 

Evy: You definitely keep the energy high in our house. 

Emy: You’re also funny. We just have a different sense of humor. 


Q: What’s the most annoying part of you twin?

Evy: Whenever you take over AUX in the car and play all your Broadway music.

Emy: Hey, my music taste has expanded. 

Evy: What’s the most annoying part about me? 

Emy: When you don’t help me with chem homework.


Q: If you had to name the most interesting fact about your twin off the top of your head, what would it be?

Evy: Give her a Broadway show and she’ll sing all of the songs in it in order.

Emy: She can probably quote any “Dance Moms” episode. 

Evy: Ugh, I love Dance Moms.


Q: Do you have twin telepathy?

Evy: I wouldn’t say so? People used to think we did.

Emy: I honestly don’t think it’s a thing. I think it’s just coincidences. 

Evy: Exactly. We’re friends, and when you’re around someone so much you just pick up things from each other. 


Q: What’s the most annoying question people ask you about being a twin?

Evy: Some people ask if we get along. I’m always like, of course we do, we’re friends. 

Emy: Yeah, who else are we going to hang out with? 

Both girls look at each other and laugh.