Hands on career experiences for students

Lynnae Wollenweber, Reporter

This is the first year that U-High seniors have been able to sign up for internships through the counseling office.  Seniors have been able to get a closer look at the fields of dentistry, education, and criminal justice.

Payton Lanier is doing her internship at Orthopedics of Illinois with Dr. Edward H Kolb.

“I’ve had a bunch of hip surgeries, and I knew I wanted to go into the medical field” Lanier said.

Since the beginning of the semester Lanier has learned how to cast, use different types of splints, cracking patients backs, MRI and do questing for patients.  Lanier will also get a chance to watch a total knee replacement surgery. 

‘It’s really fun and really insightful,” Lanier said.

In total, nine seniors have been able to participate in internships all across Bloomington Normal 

Senior Alyssa Dryer does her internship at Thomas Metcalf school for Elementary Education in the second grade class with Britany Minton. 

“I worked with kids when they needed help on certain subjects.  I really enjoyed reading to them,” Dryer said.

For two hours a day Dryer helps Minton with grading papers, reading to the students, and helping with the lesson plans. 

“The relationships I have with the kids are my favorite part but I’m learning a lot,” Dryer said. “ This will help me when I get to Illinois because I will already have the hands on experience” 

The counselors put together this internship to get students excited about their future after high school and to also show them more insight on a job field they might be interested in.  Students are matched based on their level of interest in the field they choose. 

“I do recommend it, I think for students who think they know what they want to do and get a good hands-on experience and network with other community members it’s a great opportunity,” counselor Courtney O’Connor said.