Twin Tuesday: Faith and Chance Shepherd

Lilly Miller, Reporter

Faith and Chance Shepherd are fraternal twins at U-High, preparing to graduate. Throughout their four years here, Chance has participated in orchestra, jazz band, Madrigals, ILMEA, golf team, bass fishing team, Scholastic Bowl, and Engineering Club. Faith has also been in jazz choir, Madrigals, and ILMEA, while also being Senate Treasurer, vice president for National Honor Society, and a member of the Student Diversity Committee. 


Q: What’s the best part about being a twin?

Chance: “Having someone the same age as you.”

Faith: “I think it’s nice to have someone to talk to about random things. I think because we’re so different, we have a lot of varying views on things, so it’s nice to see different perspectives.”


Q: What is the worst part about being a twin?

Faith: “I would say the comparisons, especially from our parents.”

Chance: “That’s true.”

Faith: “It’s always like, Chance does something good, you need to do it really good. They try to compare his level to mine, but we’re separate people.”


Q: What are each of your dream jobs?

Faith: “Probably a meteorologist.”

Chance: “Probably engineering telescopes. On top of mountains. Or in space. Or being CEO of a car company. Or being an astronaut. Or a fighter jet pilot.”


Q: If you had to name the most interesting fact about your twin off the top of your head, what would that fact be?

Faith: “Well, he’s never been on an airplane. I’ve been on them so many times, and he’s never been on one once.”

Chance: “Faith used to come home from school and eat so much ice cream every single day.”

Faith laughs.

Faith: “It was 3:00 every single day, I had to have myself a bowl of ice cream during middle school.”


Q: What would you say are some similarities between you two?

Faith: “We both have really strong work ethic.”

Chance: “Yeah, I agree with that.”

Faith: “We both ask a lot of questions about things. We like to know the ‘why’.”

Faith: “We both have similar hobbies too. We both enjoy music and different games and stuff.”


Q: What are some differences between you two?

Chance: “Our style in which we dress. I prefer like a casual dad look.”

Faith: “Yeah, you always wear jeans.”

Faith: “I’m introverted, he’s a lot more outgoing.”

Chance: “Faith is a lot better at math than me.”

Faith: “I feel like I’m a lot more educational-based and you’re more philosophical, if that makes sense. I like the hard facts.”

Chance: “I’m just cooler overall.”


Q: Who’s older?

Chance: “Me.”

Q: By how much?

Chance: “I don’t know.”

Faith: “Probably like a minute.”

Chance: “It was a bit of a rush. They just threw me out of the way.”

Chance does a handstand in the hallway.


Q: Who is the bossy twin?

Chance: “Faith.”

Faith: “I am.”

Answer at the same time.

Faith: “When Chance and I were super little, I wanted the fan on. I made him pile up couch cushions and pillows to try and reach the fan. He was like several feet in the air, all because I was hot.”

Chance: “I have zero recollection of that.”


Q: Do you have twin telepathy?

Faith: “Yes.”

Chance: “It happens a lot where we’ll have the same song in our head, at the same part. I’ll whistle it and then I’ll hear Faith sing it at the same time.”

Faith: “We’ll also come out of our rooms at the same time.”

Chance: “Ohhh, yes! It’ll be late at night, we’ll both go out of our rooms to brush our teeth. It’s like clockwork.”

Faith: “It’s so scary. It could be like 2:35 am or 8:30 pm, it’s different every time. It’s insane.”


Q: What is your favorite quote from your twin?

Chance: “Faith always says, wait, how does it go? She’s like, ‘I gotta go check the weather!”

Faith: “No, it’s ‘I gotta go check the radar!”

Chance: “Oh, that’s what it is. That’s my favorite quote from Faith.”

Faith: “You don’t even know it. 

Q: And your favorite quote from Chance?

Faith: “Everything Chance says is just quite strange.”


Q: What’s your favorite thing to do with your twin?

Faith: “My dad lives like 30 minutes away so we’ll listen to music or podcasts together during the drive.”

Chance: “Yeah, I was going to say that.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about your twin? 

Faith: “Chance always speaks his mind. It’s blunt honesty, and I don’t really get that from anyone else.”

Chance: “Faith is really motivating. She makes me angry and then I go and do stuff.”

Faith laughs.


Q: What’s your favorite memory with your twin?

Chance: “When me and Faith were like six, we were at the Miller Park Zoo. I wanted to go home, but she wanted to stay. Actually, that’s a bad memory.”

Faith: “There’s a picture of Chance sobbing and me smiling next to him.”

Chance: “Yeah, that’s funny to look back on.” 

Faith: “We went to this overnight trip at the St. Louis City Museum. That was really fun because we just got to run around and play.”

Chance: “I got lost.”


Q: What are recent things that you’ve done together?

Chance: “She watched me at the musical. I was playing bass in pit orchestra.”

Faith: “We were both part of Jazz Night and Madrigals. Um, freshman year we were in the same homecoming group?”

Chance: “We were? I don’t even remember that.”

Chance: “How was that the most recent thing we’ve done together? That was four years ago. That was a stupid answer.”

Both laugh.