Calling all acts

Brian Fry, Reporter

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Stand up comedy, dance, musical groups, or spoken word performances are just a handful of the acts Pioneer Palooza is looking for this year.

“We are looking for all types of groups,” student senate sponsor Hannah Foley said. “It just needs to be primarily U-High.”

Although it’s still a long way away, scheduled for April 15, one group is already prepared. Student band “Before the Waves” has participated in the event since freshman year.  

“It’s probably the most entertaining fundraising event at U-High with a diverse set of performances.It’s cool to see who’s playing and what they are playing,” junior Seba Nassar said.

“Our band was formed when Alex (Walbert), Joel (Reiners, Tri-Valley), and I started jamming with Lake (Williams) for fun last year before Pioneer Palooza,” Nassar said. “Lake has been an addition ever since.”

The band is working hard deciding what songs they will play.

“When we choose our set list we like to have one song in there that most people will not recognize just to get the crowd to expand their horizons in their personal music listening,” Nassar said. “Other than that we are planning on playing mainstream songs but still adding our own ideas into the covers.”

Their goal is to find several songs people will like, something easier said than done.

“Everyone will find songs in the show that they can vibe to,” Nassar said.

This year the money raised will go towards purchasing new band uniforms. Boosters will be hosting a dinner before the event to help with raising money. The dinner starts at 5:30 with the event at 6:30 or 7:00.

“We won’t be able to raise all the funds from Pioneer Palooza, but it will be a huge help,” Foley said.

Students interested in performing should contact Hannah Foley or Dr. Fitzgerald.

“Right now we’re just trying to get attention,” Foley said.

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Calling all acts