Artist’s Corner: Austin Spaulding

Kait Ludwig, Reporter

“Everything I have done this year has revolved around word play. The Under-Werewolf was inspired by a speech I heard where a guy kept using clothes puns,” Spaulding said. “Afterwards I started thinking of my own and I thought of underwear and a werewolf and it became the underwear wolf.”

“For the Ghastly puns, I was thinking about Pokemon and thought it’d be cool to do a Pokemon one,” Spaulding said. “I had previously named a Pokemon “Rick Ghastly” and that’s what started them all. I made four to show a theater type coming soon sign for featuring pictures.”

“What I like most about art is the creative freedom, I can do a lot of it by being myself and it’s a great way to relieve stress because when all your time and energy is focused on making something its harder to be stressed out,” Spaulding said.