As a child, junior Harrison Gordon loved drawing and being creative, but he didn’t explore art a whole lot in middle school. Mike Henning’s Art Fundamentals class has led Gordon to reconnect with art and the happiness it gives him. Gordon said he got back into art because he needed a way to express himself other than the music he makes. “I love art so much because of the freedom it gives me to make whatever I want, and truly express and bring to life ideas I have,” Gordon said. “It’s one of my favorite hobbies now”

Artist’s Corner: Harrison Gordon

Joe Brown, Reporter, Photographer
April 12, 2019

Artist’s Corner: Maya Cohler

Emma Stroh, Reporter, Photographer
March 8, 2019
Junior Isaac Ogunleye describes his artistic style as “another way to express himself.” He uses detail to show different memories, dreams, thoughts and also his favorite things. His artwork is a lot of unique and interesting pieces that all connect to him in one way or another. “Art is unique to everyone,” Ogunleye said, “and that is one of the main reasons i even started to draw and doodle. It was all unique, and I have always seen myself as a unique individual.”

Artist’s Corner: Isaac Ogunleye

Joe Brown, Reporter, Photographer
February 8, 2019
Artists Corner: Katie Reeves

Artist’s Corner: Katie Reeves

Sarah Park, Reporter
February 13, 2017
Artists Corner

Artist’s Corner

March 21, 2016
Artists Corner

Artist’s Corner

Noah Walker, Reporter
February 23, 2016
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