Artist’s Corner: Harrison Gordon

Joe Brown, Reporter, Photographer

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“I’ve always been hugely inspired by a lot of the bright, hypnotic art popularized in the 60’s,” Gordon said. “Stuff that you can look at for 20 minutes and notice a lot of little details, that stuff is really cool to me.” And no doubt his artwork strives to reflect this idea through the different colors and crazy designs he uses. These details force the viewer to pay attention to each and every different design he uses in various projects he does. This is the first piece in a collage called “Hypnotic” is one example of Gordon’s use of different colors and patterns. “This picture was the first I made of the collage. And with this I just wanted to experiment with using as many colors as possible, to make it wildest way I could,” Gordon said.

The second picture that he worked on was another elaborate piece of artwork connected to his love for music. “I created this as a cover for my upcoming album, ‘Don’t be Yourself.’
I ended up never using it because it was not the right feel for the type of music that was in the album. But I am still pretty proud of that piece, and you never know. It might get used for something else.” Gordon plays guitar and hopes to expand his love for music and doing something with it in the future.

His third piece in the “Hypnotic” collage was an exploratory piece. “It was an attempt to expand the meaning of the art I make,” Gordon said. “The woman and the jesters are meant to represent opposite parts of the world, the woman represents the nurturing happiness, and the jesters are meant to represent the absurdity of life.The back parts are supposed to abstractly represent the different parts of life.”

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