Artist’s Corner: Isaac Ogunleye

Junior Isaac Ogunleye describes his artistic style as “another way to express himself.” He uses detail to show different memories, dreams, thoughts and also his favorite things. His artwork is a lot of unique and interesting pieces that all connect to him in one way or another. “Art is unique to everyone,” Ogunleye said, “and that is one of the main reasons i even started to draw and doodle. It was all unique, and I have always seen myself as a unique individual.”

Joe Brown, Reporter, Photographer

“I just started to draw and doodle with my pencil when I was bored. And when random people saw them I started to get compliments from them. So I decided to actually take it serious and try and perfect my craft,” Ogunleye said.
In the future, Ogunleye has considered pursuing art in college. “I feel like I have untapped potential,” Ogunleye said. “The idea that I could really be good at making artwork and art pieces has always gone through my mind. I think it would be so dope to learn new things and techniques. To just meet new people and just be able to connect with people and see different point of views in the art world,” Ogunleye said.
This piece portrays Ogunleye’s love for anime. He has watched several anime series and thought it would be cool to draw the eyes of some of his favorite characters from several different anime series like Naruto, One punch man, Dragon Ball Z and many more. “I love anime, mainly just the animation, characters, and the plot that come with, they have always been so cool to me,” Ogunleye said.
Another piece Ogunleye shared is based on an album cover of one of his favorite music albums, “Pool Party” by Myke Bogan. But he altered the image, putting himself as the figure laying by the pool. “I thought it would be pretty cool that I could do this because I love music and because it is a big part of my everyday life,” Ogunleye said.