Twin Tuesday: Meet the Kaebs


Adam Reiman, Reporter

Simon and Jonah Kaeb are identical twins in their sophomore year. Both run Cross Country and play musical instruments.

Q: Do you try to match at events such as homecoming? 

Jonah: Really depends on the event. 

Simon: Typically we match, Well, if it’s a special event we match because it’s easier to find nicer clothes of the same style.

Jonah: We match, just different colors usually.

Q: Have you ever been mixed up at a bad time?

Simon: Yeah. 

Jonah: Yes, it was at our baptism. Basically, the preacher called me Simon for like half of it. 

Simon: At our church, they do testimonies on Saturday night and the baptism on Sunday. The preacher mixed us up a few times at testimonies. On Sunday the pastor always talks about what happened on Saturday because Saturdays are typically a close family event.

Jonah: Exactly.

Simon: And he kept mixing up who said what.

Q: Have you ever had matching Halloween costumes? 

Simon: Well, as we’ve been growing up, not as much, but back in the day when… 

Jonah: …we were five or whatever…

Simon: …until about fifth grade, I’d say they weren’t matching, but they were similar. One year we were characters from a cartoon show.

Jonah: He was the blue ninja; I was the black ninja.

Simon: It was the other way around.

Jonah: Oh yeah.

Q: What are some specific similarities between the two of you? 

Simon: We both liked the same video games. We both enjoy running, although he likes it a little more. We both like meat.

Jonah: Food, in general.

Simon: We both like math, we’re both good at math.

Q: What are some differences between the two of you?

Jonah: He likes barbecue sauce. I like mustard. 

Simon: That’s what I was going to say.  This isn’t really personality differences, but back when we were one, basically when we were first born, our parents dressed him up in blue and me in green so that they could tell us apart…

Adam: Really?!

Simon: Yes. Because like, they didn’t want to mix us up and permanently mix up our names. They knew that probably there was a good chance that it wouldn’t happen, but just to be safe. It’s kinda stuck because now he always wears blue or similar colors, or black, and I wear any other color.

Simon: Also I like more extravagant shirts.

Q: Who is older?

Simon: Me, by 25 minutes.

Q: What is the most annoying question you get asked as twins?

Simon: Probably, “Are you twins?” and “Which one are you?”

Jonah: An annoying one is, “Have you ever swapped places?”

Simon: It doesn’t appeal to us

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your twin? 

Simon: He’s my best friend.